The Only Book Printing API You’ll Ever Need

Whether you're a Developer, Start-up, Entrepreneur or Publisher, you can now incorporate Print-on-Demand book manufacturing and distribution into your own business quickly and easily at the best commercial rates in the industry.

You do the selling, we do the printing.

1 Partner

All you need is a registered account to gain access to our API. We provide the documentation, product information, and in some cases, custom implementation help.

2 Connect

Use our detailed documentation to connect your product feed with our API. We offer the widest variety of print book options and shipping methods in the industry.

3 Sell

Once integrated, your API connection transmits the order details to us and we print and fulfill. This gives you more time to focus on your brand and customers.

4 Fulfill

With a fully integrated user interface, we provide you updates along the production and shipping process so you can keep your customers informed.

What our Clients think

The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors has been very pleased with Lulu. Our Board of Directors chose Lulu as the main avenue in which to distribute both the NHIE Study Guide and NHIE Home Inspection Manual. Lulu provided us a way to both print our books and offer them internationally at an affordable price. Print on demand was important to us because it means we always have products available for order without excess waste or in-house storage. Overall it is a win-win for a not-for-profit organization like ours. Lulu’s customer service with Lulu is exceptional. Our Account Manager responds quickly and helps us regularly and our orders ship in a timely fashion without errors. We have been really pleased with our overall experience with Lulu and look forward to continuing to do business with them. - Lisa Collier (EBPHI)

Why choose Lulu?

Print on Demand Pioneer

Lulu pioneered on demand book printing. After printing over 10 billion pages across our global network, we perfected the art of printing high quality on demand books that ship within 3-5 business days and can be shipped to over 150 countries.

Wide Range of Products

Lulu offers a variety of binding, size, color and cover options. We can facilitate the printing of most common and many uncommon book designs, as well offering customizable products.

Lower Prices

Orders through Lulu’s Print API are sent directly to our printers, ensuring you pay the lowest wholesale prices for production. And because Lulu’s Print API prints on demand, you can order as many or as few copies as you need with no setup charges or handling fees.

Easy to Use

With your Lulu Print API account, you can view work in progress, jobs awaiting payment, and shipping information for orders in transit, all from a simple and easy to navigate dashboard.

Easy to Implement

Developers know that API connections are the easiest to implement and manage. Save time and money using Lulu’s Print API for your book printing needs.

Earth Friendly

Whenever possible Lulu’s print network sources materials in sustainable and environmentally conscious ways. Our goal is to provide the best quality for your customers while upholding our B Corp Certified manufacturing practices.

We connect the World

Lulu’s goal has always been to connect the world with our print network. Our fulfillment network can deliver your books to over 150 countries while offering the highest quality print on demand books, at the most affordable prices.

How we do it: API Coding


"external_id": "external_order-1",

"contact_email": "",

"shipping_option_level": "MAIL",

"line_items": [


"external_id": "item-1",

"pod_package_id": "0600X0900BWSTDPB060UW444MXX",

"quantity": 20,

"interior": {

"source_url": "",

"source_md5sum": "2A8526C4189E82FF119F11457E23FB9B"


"cover": {

"source_url": "",

"source_md5sum": "D90458DD2081AA59BB77A04EB6B5FB0C"




"shipping_address": {

"name": "John Doe",

"street1": "123 Test Street",

"city": "Testtown",

"state_code": "NC",

"country_code": "US",

"postcode": "12345",

"phone_number": "844-212-0689"



The Lulu API is a RESTful API that communicates with JSON encoded messages. Communication is secured with OpenID Connect and transport layer security (HTTPS).

The API is available in a production and a sandbox environment. The sandbox can be used for development and testing purposes. Sandbox jobs will not be forwarded to a real production and will not be charged.